I heard it said once that you can’t lead out budgets, but you must lead out of vision.  Vision can be expensive. Which means, you must evaluate what you are currently doing and decide if its producing the momentum you want or need in your organization.

Momentum is only sustained through continuous improvement.  Improvement on making that sometimes-expensive vision come true. Significant improvement has a limited shelf life, which means, if something is not working, don’t wait, get rid of it.  By the way, improvement typically will bring push back.

Ask yourself some questions.  What are you doing that is sideways energy?  What is mediocre that needs to be weeded out?  What is not producing the results you need to reach your vision?

If you want improvement in your organization, it requires systematic evaluation.  Systematic evaluation can help sustain momentum, and maybe even create momentum in your organization.  The rule is, you measure what matters.  If you’re not measuring it, how can you know if it is working or not?

So, measure what matters through systematic evaluation.  Improve on what you are doing or get rid of it, either way, momentum could be on its way.