So, you want to grow and you want to have a healthy culture, but you don’t know where to start, you’re not alone.  Most of the people I talk with have these same thoughts, and in some cases, the fear of not knowing what to do, paralyzes them from doing anything at all.

Here are 5 suggestions that may help you to get started.  However, change takes time, a financial commitment, and pursuit of excellence through the pushback you will receive.

Decide if you really want to grow

Many will say they want to grow, but not everyone is ready to cut something that is not growing.  Not everyone is ready to start something new, because, new can be scary.

Clarify, measure, and then get better

Clarify what is the goal or the win.  Measure your effectiveness along the way.  Why?  Because, you measure what matters.  There is no way to celebrate a win or to fix what is broken without asking the question, “how are we doing”? Finally, get better.  Be a student, not a critic.  Learn as much as you can and improve.  Never worry about making it bigger, just make it better.  If you make it better, it will get bigger.  Healthy things grow.

Build a winning team

How do you build a winning team?  Protect the culture at all costs.  Know who you are and where you are going.  People are not your greatest assets, great people are.  Build with people who love you and the vision.  Communicate the vision.  Great leaders ultimately create a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen.  Lead by example.  They won’t do what you’re not doing.

Make it work

To make it work it must remove distractions.  Put your energy into the things that will truly make a difference to reach your clarified goal.  Deliver on what you promise to deliver on.  Focus on excellence.


Growing something is not easy.  It takes time, finances, and a commitment to excellence.  Nobody will care more about your vision that you will.  Improve your personal leadership.  Develop a habit of getting coaching.  Enlist people who will speak truth into your life.

Never compare someone else’s highlight reels with your behind the scene moments.  You don’t know the stages they had to go through to achieve their success.  What you will find is that, through your most difficult moments come some of your most defining successes.


What you will find if you have been in leadership long enough is that the people you start with are not typically the people you finish with.  The best advice I have ever heard is to get the right people on the bus, and figure out the positions later.  Some situations require that you hire for the position because of trade specific needs, however, my recommendation is to hire for flexibility, because, not everybody does the same thing forever.

Surround yourself with people who are people magnets, people who can attract talent, and create energy in your organization.  How do you know you’ve hired the wrong people?  If they call you and you don’t want to answer the phone to talk to them, they are not your people magnets, and they also may not be the right people to have on your bus.

How do you attract talent?  As a leader, you must be willing to learn from everyone, especially if you are going to survive in today’s market.  As an organization, you must be willing to review everything you do.  What works, what doesn’t, what’s confusing, what needs to change, and what needs to stay the same.  If you are unwilling to change, you will find yourself behind in the marketplace and unable to attract talent.