There are many things that we feel like we don’t need.  Mosquitos.  I know they serve a purpose, however, I personally don’t need them.  Traffic.  Don’t need it.  Masks…easy there!  Cold coconut?  Never in my life have I asked myself where I can get cold coconut.  I have however asked myself where I can find healthy, empowering leaders.

Healthy, empowering leaders are difficult to find, not because they don’t exist, but because they typically have full teams who don’t want to leave their organizations or their leaders.

Here are a few indicators you serve with a healthy, empowering leader.

  • Healthy leaders have healthy growing organizations and businesses.
  • Healthy leaders listen.
  • Healthy leaders are constantly working on the culture.
  • Empowering leaders produce other great leaders.
  • Healthy leaders not only have core values, but they lead out of them.
  • Healthy leaders produce faithful followers.
  • Empowering leaders are all about people.
  • Empowering leaders give ownership and responsibility away.

A great question to ask yourself to determine if you serve in a healthy, life giving organization is, are you empowered to say yes?  Healthy leaders let go and let others.  Healthy leaders empower their teams. Empowering leaders let others make decisions.

Unlike cold coconuts which I have never needed, I have needed healthy, empowering leaders in my life.  I would not be where I am today without them.  I would not have experienced the success in my career without healthy leaders empowering me.