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Thank you so much for stopping by Square One Solutions.  We exist to help you design, develop, and lead your team through transformational leadership and organizational health.

“Every great company, brand, career has been built in exactly the same way: bit by bit, step by step, little by little.” – Seth Godin

There are no magic formulas, just a lot of work, a lot of time, and a willingness to do what others are unwilling to do.

We look forward to partnering with you to reach your goals!

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“When you stop loving your people, do them a favor and stop leading them. Becuase when you stop loving your people, you’ll start manipulating them.” – John Maxwell


“Giving up something now for something better later is not a sacrifice.  It is an investment.” – Andy Stanley

There is no greater investment than into yourself so you can pour into others.  It is said that 60% of Fortune 500 company leaders have a personal leadership coach.  Every leader needs someone to speak into their organization and their life.

The best way to take your business or organization to the next level is to first take your leadership to the next level.  Your business or organization will very rarely ever grow past your own leadership abilities.

Square One coaching includes a 1-hour coaching call or in person tag-in each week depending on location.  It includes daily check-ins of encouragement, challenges, and goal setting.


 About Me

I have been married for over 22 years, and I have 3 boys.  I love to read, mostly leadership and personal development books.  We have two miniature goats and three bunnies that are a part of what we call Brenford Farms.  I love woodworking and projects around the farm house. 

·       Favorite Foods: Steak, Seafood, Tacos, Beef Jerky, & Candy
·       Favorite Bands: U2, Nirvana, Elevation, & Chris Stapleton
·       Favorite Movies: Harry Potter Series, Star Wars Series, & Marvel Series
·       Favorite Books: The entire series of books by Patrick Lencioni
·       Favorite Sports Teams: Lakers, Seahawks, & Liberty University

I am an imaginative leader with adaptive communication abilities and a goal-driven work ethic that thrives in fast-paced, aggressive environments. I have a diverse tenure in corporate and non-profit organizations with extensive team building, project management, and proven negotiation skills. I am a forward-thinking leader that offers a unique combination of creativity and analytical skills with the ability to make calculated decisions quickly.

I have over 21 years of consulting experience in corporate, small business, and non-profit sectors.

Current Resume

e: ryan@sq1.solutions     |     p: 302.419.4748


In 2017, Square One Solutions started to help businesses become the employer of choice.  There was a focus on systems, strategy, and structure within organizations, businesses, and nonprofits. Working with clients it became apparent that they wanted more.  More help with leadership development and culture.

As a result, today the focus has become on organizational health.  The single most important piece that affects everything in an organization from hiring to the bottom line is culture.  There is no way to have a healthy culture without strong leadership. A healthy culture creates happier employees, greater loyalty, and increased production.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Mission:  Helping you design, develop, and lead your team through transformational leadership and organizational health.

Core Values:

  1. Know Their Story – Building relationships, not just clients.
  2. Grit – Have a whatever it takes mentality.
  3. Have Fun – People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.